A career in law is defined by a number of milestones – and Linklaters is no different. As part of your training contract, and by talking to your principal and support network, you can begin to plot your path and understand your career opportunities.

Before you join us

Your development with Linklaters can begin even before you have started on a training contract. We offer a wide range of programmes for students at all stages of higher education.

First year – any subject

Two-day insight programme into a career in commercial law at Linklaters.
Apply January to February 2017.

Penultimate year – any subject

Summer Vacation Scheme
Four-week programmes to provide an insight into life as a trainee at Linklaters.
Apply October 2016 to January 2017.

Final year/graduate – any subject

Winter and Spring Vacation Scheme
Two-week scheme.
Apply October to November 2016.

After university

Graduate Diploma in Law (Non-Law degree)
One-year conversion course.
Linklaters pays course fees and provides a maintenance grant.

Legal Practice Course and MSc in Law, Business and Management

Our bespoke LPC is 6.5 months in duration and Linklaters pays course fees and provides a maintenance grant. It is undertaken at the Moorgate branch of the University of Law and includes an opportunity to gain a MSc in Law, Business and Management. For those who wish to convert their LPC into a MSc qualification, they will be given the option to undertake a business based case study and a panel presentation at the end of the LPC course.

Once you join us

Once you have joined us on a training contract, the career path is as follows:

Training contract

London and global orientation programmes

As part of your three-week induction to the firm, you will be introduced to topics such as commercial awareness, global legal systems, research, analysis and drafting skills, as well as risk and project management. In the final week new lawyers from around the Linklaters global network join the programme, so you can start to build relationships with your peers from global offices. Here, you will also receive training on our approach to diversity and working globally.

Supervision and training

Your training contract will comprise four six-month seats. In our experience, this is the only way to achieve the depth and quality of experience to put you in the best position for qualification. Linklaters has market-leading expertise across the full range of practice areas, so you will experience a range of work of the highest quality, joining teams of different lawyers in distinct practice areas and working with individuals who are leaders in their field. You will be assigned a principal in each department, who acts as a mentor and provides overall training and supervision for that seat, as well as formal and continuous feedback throughout your seat. For more information on your training contract, click here.

"What I enjoy about being a principal the most is seeing my trainees develop as lawyers."

Francesca Matthews

Managing Associate in Projects


You may spend one or more of your seats on secondment. Over two thirds of trainees spend time in an international office and a further one third in a client organisation. Find out more about the training contract here.


Once you qualify, you will join one of the areas you worked in as a trainee. Most people are offered their first choice of practice area. Linklaters has market-leading expertise across all practice areas so you can be confident in choosing the one that is the most interesting to you. The Linklaters Law & Business School provides a continuous development programme for our lawyers. Associates undertake the Practice Diploma Programme and participate in training specific to their area of practice. Many associates also undertake client secondments and explore training in relation to a secondary area of expertise.

Managing Associate (MA)

Four years after qualification, you will be eligible for promotion to Managing Associate. At this point you will become more engaged in the business, solving more difficult legal issues, leading teams, and accounting for financial performance. Our Managing Associates continue their professional development through the MA Diploma, which includes our Leaders of the Future programme, which is attended alongside Business Services Managers.


After two or more years as an MA you may be considered for a counsel role. People promoted to the role of counsel may be on a route to partnership or on an alternative career path. As part of the promotion process each counsel candidate will clearly understand the basis on which they are being considered.

The technical ability of a counsel candidate must match the technical ability of a partner. In addition, each counsel candidate is assessed to ensure they are of partner standard in three of five further areas on which partner candidates are also judged.

Once a person is promoted to the role of counsel they will attend a development programme which is designed to support them in transitioning into their new role.


After two or more years as an MA (minimum six years after qualification), the very best Managing Associates may be considered for election to the partnership. Partners are acknowledged world-class experts in their fields. The learning process never stops. New partners participate in an 18-month leadership programme, including content on strategy, winning new business, leading our people and fee negotiations. All new partners also receive coaching from trained internal partner coaches.

Going further

The global economy is changing so fast that each new generation of lawyer needs to learn new skills and apply new types of thinking. We also believe that our strength as a firm, lies in the fact that our people have a restless desire to improve. This is why we developed the Linklaters Law & Business School. Wherever you are in your career, our professional development and training will increase your knowledge and allow you to enhance your expertise in your chosen area of law.

The Linklaters Law & Business School

This is an industry-leading framework for career-long continuous professional development. We’ve created a holistic syllabus that blends business skills with technical knowledge to give people a mix of expertise.

Quality and credibility

The Linklaters Law & Business School draws on the experience of clients, colleagues, and our global advisory board of business leaders and academics. The syllabus has been designed in partnership with some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, including the University of Law, Harvard Law School and the University of Cambridge.

What will you gain?

We’ll give you the knowledge and confidence to serve our clients at the very highest levels, along with the tools to achieve your own career objectives.

Above and beyond

The size and success of Linklaters means we can offer an unrivalled choice and flexibility in your career development. We want you to maximise your full potential, exploring the learning opportunities that interest you, and building your career by excelling in the areas of law that you most enjoy. Qualifying as a lawyer is an important milestone on your professional journey, but it’s not a destination. If anything, this is where the real journey begins. Some of our lawyers have moved to different areas of practice within Linklaters, in order to further their chosen career paths. For example, you can see an interview with one of our Partners, Alex Beidas, who moved from Corporate to Employment & Incentives. Training at Linklaters can also provide a solid foundation for different career opportunities for our people, for example working in-house at client organisations.

“Linklaters has always had a culture that accepts anyone with a contribution to make and in many ways, I think that I was a Linklaters person in spirit before I ever arrived at the firm.”

Vincent Oratore 

Senior Managing Director and Co-Head, AIG Portfolio Solutions.