Training Contracts

We believe our strength as a firm, and what makes us stand out as an employer, lies in the attention we give to our training and support - allowing our people to develop the careers they deserve.


The Training Contract comprises four seats of six months each. This is so you have sufficient time to develop your skills and expertise in a particular area and to experience different stages of transactions. As we have market-leading expertise across the full range of practice areas, you will work on the most complex and high-profile deals in each of your seats under the guidance of leaders in their fields. Spending six months in each of your seats allows you to truly experience a range of high quality work within that area of practice and to develop your expertise through continuous training and feedback.

Most of the work we do is cross-border in nature. Since over two-thirds of our trainees spend a seat on an international secondment, plus a further one-third undertaking a client secondment, you can expect a truly international and multi-dimensional experience through a training contract at Linklaters.


In each department, you will sit with a principal. A qualified lawyer in the department, they will provide overall training and supervision for that seat, mentor you as you learn the role and act as a guide for your future career. Each practice group also has a Group Trainee Solicitor Partner who is responsible for supporting you as you develop and discussing your options for career development. At key stages during your Training Contract you will discuss your progress with the Trainee Development Team and draw up a plan of which practice areas you will experience for the remainder of your Training Contract. Our Training Contract is specifically designed to give you input into the content of your training, as well as the flexibility to change your preferences as you go along.

Quality of training and development

Ongoing training is a key part of being a successful commercial lawyer, progressing your career and reaching your potential. At Linklaters, you’ll have access to continuous training as soon as you join.

For non-law students, your training will begin with the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) - a conversion course that will give you the legal knowledge to start your career. From there you will join your Law graduate colleagues on the bespoke Linklaters Legal Practice Course (LPC). As part of the Training Contract, you’ll benefit from specific seminars and training modules relevant to your seat and practice area – and even after you qualify, there will be the opportunity to continue your development through our unique training programme, known as the Linklaters Law and Business School.

Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)

Many people are still surprised that you can train as a lawyer without completing an undergraduate Law degree. In fact, almost half of our trainees have studied something other than Law. The Graduate Diploma in Law (through which we fully sponsor our future trainees) gives you the legal knowledge required to start your professional training alongside Law graduates.

The GDL is a conversion course over one academic year for non-law graduates. It introduces you to the law and prepares you for entry to the Legal Practice Course (LPC). By the time you begin the LPC you will have covered the same required elements as the Law students and the training is exactly the same from there on.

You choose the branch of the University of Law at which to study and we can provide help and advice with your application. We pay the fees and provide maintenance grants for our future trainees. Click here for further details.

The GDL uses a range of teaching methods including lectures, workshops, individual study and essays. It’s a deep-immersion introduction to law that means you can start your LPC with absolute confidence. It’s also a great place to meet other budding lawyers and start to build friendships among your peer group.

If you are studying Scottish or Irish Law, you may need to complete certain elements of the GDL in order to satisfy the requirements of the Solicitors Regulation Authority to begin the LPC. This will vary depending on the specific degree modules you have taken and and, in some cases, an accelerated version of the GDL may be an option (which may include distance-learning options). Please contact the SRA directly to determine your individual requirements. Further information is available here.

The Legal Practice Course (LPC)

The LPC is the fundamental introduction to professional legal practice and follows guidelines set out by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

In collaboration with the University of Law in London, Linklaters has developed a bespoke accelerated 6.5 month Legal Practice Course that offers an enhanced learning experience and a closer link between theory and practice.

All our future trainees study their bespoke Linklaters LPC at the University of Law in Moorgate, London. This has the advantage of being geographically close to the Linklaters office, so it’s easy to visit for integration events at regular intervals. Equally, it’s a great way to build your Linklaters network at an early stage. We will help you with the arrangements for the LPC, including paying your fees and providing you with a maintenance grant. Further information is available here.

While you’re studying, we keep you fully up-to-date with developments in the firm, as well as giving you the opportunity to get to know the intake you will join with through various social events arranged by the Trainee Development Team. You’ll also be able to attend Practice Information Events where you can meet with members of each London practice group in order to help you plan your future seats.

During the bespoke LPC you will be taught Linklaters-specific modules designed to help you start working with the same tools, precedents and processes that we use in our daily work. The course begins with our unique Gateway programme, run in conjunction with the Cass Business School. Our LPC also includes an opportunity to gain a MSc in Law, Business and Management. For those who wish to convert their LPC into a MSc qualification, you will be given the option to undertake a business based case study and a panel presentation at the end of the LPC course. The overall experience will mean that you will have a first-rate start to your career, as well as an extensive personal network of contacts built before you even join us.