Commercial awareness

We will expect you to know about the world of business and the issues that affect our firm and clients. This page will provide a range of hints and tips to help you during the application process.

Top tips

We recommend you pick one or two key business or legal news stories that interest you and follow them at least for a couple of weeks in order to demonstrate your commercial awareness in the interviews. Try looking at Lawyer2B, BBC News Business, The Economist or broadsheet newspapers. There are also a range of commercial awareness books available.

  • Understand business and market trends
  • Read about how a deal works here
  • Watch our webinar on Commercial Awareness here
  • Have an opinion
  • Read the business press and watch the news
  • Read our white papers (Thought Leadership) on
  • Or attend one of our workshops
Commercial awareness is, in its purest form, understanding the key concerns of clients – their size and shape, the markets they operate in, their competitors, the risks facing them and their future direction and market position. It is about understanding how it can deal with regulatory drivers, finance an acquisition or meet ongoing funding needs. There are many technically able lawyers, but the ones who impress their clients – and who excel – are the ones who understand their clients’ businesses.
Christopher Williams Managing Associate
One of the key differences between Linklaters and our competitor firms is our strength across our Corporate, Finance and Dispute Resolution divisions. With more number one ranked practices and individuals than any other firm, as a trainee at Linklaters you know that whichever department you train and qualify into, you will be learning from, and working with, the best.
Richard Hodgson Graduate Recruitment Partner