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Mark Longworth is an Associate in our Finance & Projects team.

Mark Longworth

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I did a vacation scheme at Linklaters in the summer of my penultimate year at university and I did a few other vacation schemes but the thing that I really liked about Linklaters was that the work seemed exciting and interesting, and that actually one of the big things that drew me in was the fact that I got to spend six months of one of my seats abroad. The clients that we work with, they’re also some of the best that you possibly could work with; big international names that you’ve heard of. And one of the good things about Linklaters is that you aren’t just working with London-based or UK-based clients, you’re dealing with people across Europe, across the globe. I think the broad depth of secondments that Linklaters offers really do make them very special and unique. They have a lot of offices across the globe and there are a lot of opportunities for trainees to go and work in an office for six months should they wish to.

I picked Hong Kong as my secondment as a trainee because I’d heard so many good things about it from trainees who had been there previously. I also knew that for finance, which is what I wanted to qualify into, and what I wanted to do in Hong Kong, it was a very good office to be in.

The thing that’s great about the Hong Kong office is that it’s still a Linklaters office, so you still are familiar with all the ways that Linklaters work, but you’re in a completely different culture and you’re working with completely different clients. And what’s really good as well, is that you meet lots of trainees who are also on secondment from different law firms and you’re all in the same boat for six months and you’re all just looking to explore and adapt to a new culture. Hong Kong is also a great place for nightlife so we had lots of nights out on a Friday and Saturday night.

I got deals that at the moment that are in Taipei, something else that’s in Ukraine and something else that’s in Turkey so you really get an opportunity to work with different people in different places and learn about different ways of business, which is great because you know when someone lets you run with something and you can run with it - you get a great sense of achievement and accomplishment.

I’m Mark Longworth and I’m an associate in the finance practice at Linklaters.

Associate, Finance & Projects