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Courtney Sturges was a trainee in Corporate and is now an Associate the team.

Courtney Sturges

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What is your role at Linklaters?

Hello my name is Courtney Sturges, I'm a trainee here at Linklaters and I went to St Andrews for university. I studied International Relations and Middle East studies.

In my first seat I sat in DSP which is Derivatives and Structured Products. In my second seat, I sat in Banking in the emerging practice markets. In my third seat, I actually went to Abu Dhabi and did a seat in both Corporate and Finance and in my fourth seat right now, I'm sitting in Corporate.

I came to Linklaters first on a vacation scheme. Linklaters came to St Andrews and had done a couple of recruiting events and I met a couple of people from Linklaters there. And then I applied for a vacation scheme and came to LInklaters and then really enjoyed it. So then I applied for a training contract and decided to come and join Linklaters.

Experiencing London

How did you discover London?

I really enjoyed my vacation scheme at Linklaters, I came in and I actually didn't really know London or know much about being in the City in London. So it was really helpful not only that I was able to gain experience working at Linklaters but also we had loads of different socials where we could go out and explore London and see different things. So that was great because it not only it gives you the idea of what it would be like to work at Linklaters but what it would be like to move down here, so I really enjoyed that.

The office is in Moorgate which is kind of in the middle of the City, so you have lots of things around you; you have restaurants, you have bars - that kind of thing - for after work. It's definitely accessible to everything and I think it's kind of in the heart of where you feel you're really a part of the City of London.

Becoming a Trainee

What has been your career path so far?

I finished university and then I came down to London and I did my GDL in London and then I ended up having seven months off in-between my GDL and my LPC so I went and travelled for a bit and went home and then when I came back I did the accelerated LPC.

I don't think coming in as a non-law student was a disadvantage at all, I actually think it helped me. In a way I was able to study something else before getting here and then also the GDL, by the end of it, you are on a par with the rest of your colleagues that come in after their law school so I felt that it really helped.

It's great that Linklaters does an accelerated LPC altogether with everyone together. From the moment you start you have all your classes with everyone at Linklaters, so by the end of it you really been through something together, so coming to the office you already have friends, you already have a whole group of people that can support you through your training contract but also that you know you have someone to go and have lunch with or have someone to have coffee with in Silks.

Social events

How is the social life at Linklaters?

Linklaters is a really social firm, I would say that most of my colleagues and I have gone for drinks before, have gone for impromptu 'lets go out and just have a chat' at the pub after work. But also, they do have parties that they arrange for us on a regular basis in all of the groups,also have ski trips and just on a weekly basis we have a drinks trolley, on a Friday where we tend to have a drink or two before we leave work, which is really nice.

Working as a trainee

What work do you undertake as a trainee?

The Corporate department tends to represent large companies and we advise them on different transactions they're doing. If they want to acquire a business or sell something or they just want to change something about their business, Linklaters comes in and advises them on that.

I sit with a Partner so I do do some work for him, including some research tasks and I sit on his calls and meetings and things like that so I'm able to get experience with him. But then also I have worked with a lot of associates as well including being able to do some drafting and also do some research for them.

I feel like I have kind of seen a full view of what Corporate is like and seen what at different stages of your career what you would be doing. So I feel like I have a good vision of what I'm going to be doing when I qualify.

What has been the biggest challenge working at Linklaters so far?

I think the biggest challenge of working at Linklaters is probably the fact that every single day you're kind of tested and you do have to really step up to the plate and work really hard and sometimes that means that you might not know the answer at first and in a way that also makes you develop as a person and I think that Linklaters supports you through that and never, leaves you not knowing something. But at the same time helps you to grow and helps you develop as a trainee and then as a solicitor.

Associate, Corporate

In this video Courtney discusses her role as a Trainee in the Corporate team. Courtney has since been promoted to an Associate in the team.

  • Introduction
  • What is your role at Linklaters?
  • Experiencing London
  • How did you make the most of London when you arrived?
  • Becoming a Trainee
  • What has been your career path so far?
  • Social events
  • How is the social life at Linklaters?
  • Working as a trainee
  • What work do you undertake as a trainee?
  • What has been the biggest challenge working at Linklaters so far?