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Aoife Monaghan is an Associate in our Competition/Antitrust team.

Aoife Monaghan

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It’s really exciting to come down and sit at your desk every day and you never really know what’s going to come at you. You never know what needs the client is going to have, you never know what partner is going to think of a new bit of research to do, you never know what city you might be in. I think the excitement of how ever-changing it is, is the main thing I love about my job.

So there’s so much training at Linklaters, I think it really is something that differentiates us from a lot of the other firms. You start off by doing the Linklaters Law and Business school, which you start before you’ve even done the Linklaters specific LPC, so that’s a few weeks in the Cass Business School where you really get on top of things like derivatives and capital markets which are really relevant to a lot of the business we do here at Linklaters.

Then after you’ve finished the Linklaters LPC then you do what we call NL GOP which is what you call the New Lawyers Global Orientation Programme where they bring all of the new lawyers from across the world to London to start a kind of introduction to the firm and that’s an absolutely great few weeks, we get to meet colleagues from all sorts of offices all over the world. There’s really a plethora of buddies and mentors and principles at Linklaters, we’re really lucky. I’ve also found as well over the last eighteen months that partners and more senior lawyers in the firm are really willing to kind of act as unofficial mentor roles, or official mentor roles, and there is a really great women’s network at Linklaters which hosts lunches every month or so. And there are various events to go to, and through that I’ve found that there’s been a lot of partners who are really supportive, particularly bringing up younger women through the firm.

Training at Linklaters is a really big focus. In each of your departments when you start you go through a new joiners training programme specific to that department, so for instance in litigation for our first three weeks all of the trainees had lunchtime seminars on all of the various topics that could be relevant to us over the course of our seat which was extremely helpful. But there’s also a kind of emphasis I think on continuing training and continuing asking questions as you go along, and there’s always PSL’s or partners and more senior lawyers on hand to ask whatever question you might have as a trainee. The main thing that I think of when I think of Linklaters, is that it really is an open door policy. I have never at any stage in the last eighteen months felt that there has been somebody that I couldn’t go to, that I’ve been left alone in a situation. And I think having that ever-present support network is something that for me really sums up Linklaters.

I’m Aoife Monaghan and I’m a third-year Trainee in Dispute Resolution at Linklaters.

Associate, Competition/Antitrust